Talent Needed

Special talents needed include: program management; website developers; experts in social media; writers, editors and readers for the Discover Rio Vista magazine; craftsmen talented in woodworking,electrical engineering, plumbing etc; administrative talents; gardening expertise; management skills; grant writing abilities; almost any kind of skill or talent that would add to the already very progressive nature of a not for profit organization with the mission of “”energizing, revitalizing and beautifying the Rio Vista Community.”

Having a special talent is wonderful but a willingness to help in any way, if it just be talking to people about Rio Vision, looking for sponsors or donating your time on special projects is of great value. On the Volunteer Form are many options for you to peruse and choose those in line with your interests. Every little bit helps and we appreciate your time and talents. If you have any questions please call Linda Braillier, Volunteer Coordinator at 925-381-2339 or 707-360-5244 and leave a message for Linda. Or you can email [email protected] for more information. Please check out the Volunteer Form and if interested in helping Rio Vision, fill it out and return as directed on the form. Thank you for your commitment to Rio Vision’s mission and we look forward to meeting you.

Volunteer Form