R/UDAT Benefits Rio Vista

Rio Vista is on the cusp of many changes. Notably, the city now has a designated PDA (Priority Development Area). Further, within the next two years a new Hwy. 12 route will be determined, and a portion of the long awaited flood wall and promenade will be completed.

The plans and studies completed by the R/UDAT team will provide a jumpstart on updating the City’s General Plan and offsetting expenses associated with the revision—which is a long-term blueprint for development required by the State of California.

Topics covered in the R/UDAT report were:

  • Hwy. 12 alignment and traffic flow through town
  • Business development overall
  • Revitalization of downtown and waterfront
  • Developing youth/community service areas
  • Linking residential developments to downtown
  • Identifying RV as a destination location
  • Incorporating the redeveloped Army Base