Trim & Tidy Program – RioVision is asking for volunteers from Rio Vista service clubs and groups to help keep Main St. Planters clean and trim. Work needs to be done quarterly throughout the year. A two-year commitment is requested. 4-6 people can complete work in 1-2 hrs. per quarter. 



Litter Pickers – Working to remove litter along the roadways, the Waterfront Promenade, along Airport Road and picking up the litter at the Western Entrance.


Discover Rio Vista Magazine This is a tri-annual magazine published by the RioVision Promotions and Communications team that provides information about events, activities and places of interest in and around Rio Vista.


Newspaper Column and Email Newsletters – The last week of each month RioVision submits a news article to the Beacon. Weekly we submit a Calendar of Rio Vista Events to the papers. Pictures highlighting our volunteers’ efforts are included when available. The article provides information about community events and RioVision activities, programs, and projects which support RioVision’s mission to revitalize, energize, build, and beautify the Rio Vista community, especially the downtown core area. Themes and backstories showcase the threads that drive and motivate RioVision leaders and volunteers. Our regular columnist is Carol Bower Foote of Rio Vista. Guest columnists also contribute.


Downtown Tree Lights Maintenance – We are maintaining the lights in 16 trees on Main Street (corners of Front/First/Second/Third).  We have a few ‘spotters’ who report to us any outages.  Repairs are done by climbing on a ladder and replacing the string of lights.



Please use our Contact Form if you would like more information about any of these programs.