RioVision Seeks Funding Donations for Waterfront Promenade Shade Project

Join us in making a difference in our small riverfront town.  RioVision is fundraising for matching funds for a grant the city has obtained to erect shade covers in our Waterfront Promenade Park. Take a look at the photo below to see our vision. 

The Waterfront Promenade Park starts at the western end of the iconic Rio Vista Bridge and proceeds along the shore of the Sacramento River. As you start to stroll the riverfront pathway, you will pass picnic tables and restrooms under mature shade trees. As you continue along the path you pass two large cement foundations which supported thriving port business operations in the early history of Rio Vista.

They are quite large and would be ideal sites for future Rio Vista outdoor events if only they were shaded to protect participants from the sun. Our solution is to use sails to cover these pads. Providing shade for these two large pads is one primary goal of this project. 

Resuming your tour of the Waterfront Promenade Park, you will enjoy benches connected by a meandering sidewalk for walking, jogging, strolling or just sitting to enjoy the tranquillity of the river. These benches are strategically placed to provide optimal visual enjoyment of the Sacramento River.  Once again, the river experience will be significantly enhanced with shade covering the benches.  We are designing a sail cover for each bench that is the second goal of this project. The overall sail shade cover design concept for both areas is to provide a vision from the bridge and river of sailboats on their way up or down the Sacramento River. 

RioVision is spearheading this project and has obtained funding from various sources, but we are still short of our goal. Fortunately, we have been working on this project for the last few years. Recent projects have netted approximately $10,000 that has been dedicated to this exciting project. Recently, grants from Veolia, North America and the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) have resulted in an additional $10,000. AAD provided grant funding because they support projects that will reduce harmful UV skin damage from the sun during community activities.

The City’s costs for time and materials associated with applying for the grant contribute to the matching funds. In a nutshell, RioVision only needs $20,000 to make this Promenade Shade Project a reality. As a result, this is our RioVision goal for 2019! 

Some of our fundraising projects this year will contribute to this goal. However, in order to make sure that we make our goal, we are accepting donations to this cause on our website at

You can also contribute at our “Go Fund Me” site at:

Or, you can visit the RioVision Gallery at 116 Main Street to drop off your donation.  Credit cards can be used at all locations for donation receipts. 

We are a citizen driven non-profit working to bring about city wide revitalization.  Our goal is a stronger, more vibrant Rio Vista. Join us in making a difference in our small riverfront town, and plan to visit our small town soon.